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Below is the schedule for InterLab 2005.

Web Track

Graphics Track

Showcase Track

Systems Track

Special Sessions


Tuesday, December 13

Time Title Speaker Room
7:30 Tutorial Registration EMSL
8:00 Advanced CSS Tutorial Geoffrey Elliott, Ruth McDunn EMSL
10:00 Break
10:15 Advanced CSS Tutorial Geoffrey Elliott, Ruth McDunn EMSL
12:00 Lunch (On your own)
1:00 Advanced CSS Tutorial Geoffrey Elliott, Ruth McDunn EMSL
2:45 Break
3:00 Advanced CSS Tutorial Geoffrey Elliott, Ruth McDunn EMSL
4:30 End of Tutorial

Wednesday, December 14

Time Title Speaker Room
7:30 Conference Registration Battelle
8:00 Welcome to InterLab 2005 (pdf, 328kb) Pam Novak, PNNL Battelle
8:30 e-Learning Technologies (pdf, 2.23mb) Frank Greitzer Battelle
9:30 Fermilab Computing Division's - Information Management System - CDIMS (pdf, 1.2mb) Penelope Constanta, Ruth Pordes, Mark Kaletka, Matt Arena, Joy Hathaway, Marcia Teckenbrock, Jack Schmidt, Shirley Jones, Norman Ho, Eric Vaandering Battelle
10:00 Break
10:15 Dynamic Collaborative Websites Keep Teams Connected (pdf, 908kb) Sara Perez Battelle
The Colorful Web (pdf, 1.34mb) Tyler Borders, Christopher DeGraaf EMSL
11:00 Software Agents (pdf, 1.75mb) Mark Elmore Battelle
What's New in Web Design and Development Matt Hammer, Jeremy O'Niel EMSL
11:30 Electronic Survey Development at PNNL (pdf, 352kb) Courtenay Turner, Zontziry Johnson Battelle
Flash for the Web Justin Yonk, Christopher DeGraaf EMSL
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Developing a Web Based, Collaborative, Semantic Information Manager (pdf, 1.1mb) Robert Barter Battelle
Collaborative Website Design (pdf, 123kb) Christopher DeGraaf, Cameron Bates EMSL
2:00 Illuminating Enterprise Library Application Blocks - June 2005 Tanya Lasuk, Scott C. Larson Battelle
Graphic Design Basics (pdf, 679kb) Shannon Neely, Christopher DeGraaf EMSL
3:00 Break
3:15 Redesign of Public LANL site, outcomes Katherine Norskog, Monika Bittman, Ann Rafferty, Silvia Hoisie Battelle
Prototyping Web Designs with Photoshop (pdf, 133kb) Christopher DeGraaf EMSL
4:00 Web vs. Print (pdf, 390kb) Nathan Johnson, Christopher DeGraaf EMSL
4:45 Day's Review and Information Battelle
5:00 Vendor Show EMSL
7:00 Vendor Show Ends EMSL

Thursday, December 15

Time Title Speaker Room
7:30 Conference Registration Battelle
8:00 Open-Source Content Management Systems Renaud Richardet, Wyona Battelle
9:00 REScheck-Web and COMcheck-Web: Web applications for energy code compliance (pdf, 328kb) Geoffrey Elliott Battelle
User Testing Simplified (pdf, 122kb) Amanda Kissire EMSL
10:00 Break
10:15 XHTML/CSS layout in 45 minutes Joe Lewis Battelle
A Role-Based Approach for Managing MS SQL Server Access (pdf, 1.2mb) Michael Kanyid EMSL
11:00 Meta Data Harvesting: Problems and Solutions (pdf, 294kb) Sylvia Murphy Battelle
Managing Web Access using Role-Based Security (pdf, 325kb) Brian Vladimiroff EMSL
11:30 PNNL Portal Update: Establishing Successful Governance (pdf, 202kb) Shannon Osborn, Mary Sue Hoxie Battelle
Managing a Web-based Image Library (pdf, 1.46mb) Anna Tensmeyer, Kristin Manke, Janine Anderson, Rick Riensche EMSL
12:00 Lunch
Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions
EMSL Tours
2:00 FNAL Experiences With Content Management (pdf, 311kb) Jack Schmidt, Marc Mengel, Jim Fromm Battelle
Leave No Content Behind (pdf, 1mb) Rolanda Jundt, Lynne Roeder EMSL
2:30 NEWSBridge - Feeding RSS and WML to PNNL (pdf, 130kb), Matthew Elliott, Cameron Bates Battelle
A Tool for Determining Sensitive Computers (pdf, 339kb) Lori O'Neil EMSL
3:00 Early Release for Inclement Weather
6:00 Banquet, Verity Presentation
9:00 Banquet Ends

Friday, December 16

Time Title Speaker Room
8:00 What is Web 2.0? (pdf, 1.35mb) Bebo White Battelle
9:00 One Stop Shopping: The ARM Data Ordering Integration Project (pdf, 243kb) Rolanda Jundt, Cameron Bates, Giri Palanisamy Battelle
OSTI Redesign - Begin with the End in Mind Nena Moss EMSL
9:30 Best Practices For E-Newsletters (pdf, 1.27mb) Leslie Gardner Battelle
Using OpenURL, Open Source and DOIs for Intelligent Linking Services (pdf, 3.45mb) Christine Noonan, Cecilia Hui, Richard Johnson EMSL
10:00 Break
10:15 Mozilla's XUL - eXtensible User Interface Language (pdf, 213kb) Geoffrey Elliott Battelle
Solidifying Conference Agendas in Record Time! (pdf, 732kb) Lori O'Neil, Doug Rice, Pete Robinson EMSL
11:00 Redesign of the ES&H Website in SLAC (pdf, 1.6mb) Larissa Williams Battelle
PNNL Processes for Determining Training Needs for Staff (pdf, 2.74mb) Debra Carpenter, Gene Gower EMSL
11:30 Taming the Web Environment: Lessons Learned in Content Management (pdf, 1mb) Kathy Cravens, Cameron Bates, Brian Vladimiroff, Courtenay Turner, Kristin Manke, Kathryn Lang Battelle
Evaluating Computer Vulnerabilities in Near Real Time (pdf, 462kb) Lori O'Neil EMSL
12:00 InterLab 2005 Wrap-Up Session EMSL
12:10 Points-of-Contact Lunch
1:00 Tours/Activities
4:30 Tours/Activities End