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InterLab 2005 will feature keynote addresses from a number of industry experts. Read below for short descriptions of their keynote addresses and brief biographies.

Frank Greitzer

Frank Greitzer has a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics, and has been actively involved in applied cognitive science research and development for 30 years. At PNNL, Dr. Greitzer leads the Cognitive Informatics thrust area within the Computational and Information Sciences directorate. He will be speaking on one of his favorite topics—Cognitive Approaches to e-Learning.

Renaud Richardet

Renaud will be presenting a keynote address on Thursday, December 15, centered on open-source content management systems. In his keynote address, Renaud will address the pros and cons of open-source software in general, and open-source content management systems in particular.

Renaud is the Chief Operations Officer of Wyona Inc. America, which is the leading integrator, solution, and service provider of the open-source content management system Apache Lenya. Apache Lenya was formerly known as Wyona CMS and was donated to the Apache Software Foundation in spring 2003. Wyona is focusing on the Apache Software Stack.

Bebo White

Bebo will be presenting a keynote address on Friday, December 16, on the topic of Web Project Management. In the address, Bebo will discuss the similarities with normal project management as well as the unique aspects of Web project management.

Bebo retired from the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) in March 2005 and is now focusing on teaching, lecturing, and consulting.

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